(This is an previous information for the 7th SaSSOH as a reference)


Online registration

Please visit the registration page: https://sassoh.vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp/upcoming-sassoh/registration

Please click on the “New Registration” button.  


Abstract submission

Please visit the abstract submission page: https://sassoh.vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp/upcoming-sassoh/abstract/

Please click on the “Abstract submission/revision” button and enter your passcode. 


Confirmation email

A registration or abstract submission confirmation email is sent automatically once you have completed your online registration or abstract submission. It is sent to the email address you used to register. If you have not received your registration or abstract submission confirmation, please follow these steps.

  • Wait 60 minutes after the registration or abstract submission. Occasionally confirmations are slightly delayed if the system is particularly busy.
  • Check your spam folder. The subject of the email will be “SaSSOH ? Registration/Abstract Submission”.
  • Email sassoh[@]vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp 


Updating registration information / Revision of abstract

Please visit the following websites



The workshop will be held at the lecture building of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University. The Registration Desk will be located in the entrance hall of the lecture building.
Please view here