We will anounce a guideline for SaSSOH 2024 when we are ready. 

Below is a guideline for presenter at SaSSOH 2023 as a reference.

The SaSSOH is closed to the public. The recording or distribution of presentations is prohibited without the consent of the presenter.


  • SaSSOH 2023 is closed to the public. Please refrain from recording, downloading, or distributing
    presentations without the consent of the presenter.
  • We cannot protect your data perfectly. Please be aware that your presentation may be watched by anybody. Please discuss with your PI whether you can show the data or not.
  • Use English. No Japanese.


Oral Presentation

Time Allocation

 * 1 bell ring: 1 min before the end of talk, 2 bells: end of talk, 3 bells: end of discussion

  • Invited speakers: 40 min (including discussion)
    • Faculty: 25 min (including discussion)
    • Student speakers: 12 min talk + 3 min discussion
Computer and Data for Presentations
  • We have only windows PC in the lecture hall. No mac. 
  • Please bring a USB flash drive in which your presentation file is stored and ask a staff at the podium to copy your file to the computers in the morning (8:30-9:10) on the first day.


Poster Presentation and Flash Talk

Poster Presentation
  • Each board size is 900 mm W x 2,000 mm H
  • A0 size: 841 mm x 1189 mm may be appropriate if you prepare your poster as a single sheet.
  • Each poster will be provided a poster number.
  • Poster No. card (147 mm W x 105 mm H) and pushpins for poster setup will be provided.
  • Poster core time: 60minutes

Poster Session A, September 14th, 13:40-14:50: PI-1~PI-11 and PII-1~PII-14 

Poster Session B, September 15th, 13:40-14:50: PI-12~PI-21 and PII-15~PII-28

  • Display: September 14th, 8:30-9:25
  • Removal: September 15th, 14:40-15:00


Flash Talk
  • "Flash talk" is a one-minute presentation without discussion time.
  • Please, depict your presentation summary on a single-page presentation slide.
  • At the beginning of the session, all presenters in the session have to queue up along the side of the lecture hall in order of the presentation numbers.
  • Schedule

Poster Session A, September 14th, 13:00-: PI-1~PI-11 and PII-1~PII-14 

Poster Session B, September 15th, 13:00-: PI-12~PI-21 and PII-15~PII-28

  • You can start your flash talk after the chairperson introduces your name and affiliation.