Presentation Styles 

(This information is subject to change)


Oral Presentation

1. Time allocation

  • Invited speakers: 45 min (including discussion)
  • Student speakers: 12 min talk + 3 min discussion


2. Computers

  • We use Cisco Webex ( for online meeting.
  • Please use your own PC and Macintosh
  • You can deliver your presentation from ANYWHERE (office, home, etc…)
  • However, Wired LAN connection to Internet is recommended (WiFi connection is unstable with Webex).
  • Share your presentation file such as ppt through Webex.


(Poster-like)Mini Presentation

Notice of presentation:

  • Committee will decide and inform style of your presentation (Oral or Poster-like) to each presenter in early August.



  • All presentations will be uploaded on the Google Drive through SaSSOH website.
  • Each presentation will be divided into folders according to presentation date and category.
  • Comment and question can be added to presentations on the Google Drive in advance (Pre-discussion time).
  • All presentations are accessible on the SaSSOH webpage or online program. To view the presentation, the password is required. (Password will be sent to all participants after registration by e-mail when the presentation data is available).


Presentation and preparing data:

  • All poster-like session presenters have 5 minutes talk and 5 minutes discussion with a small audience through Webex.
  • Please prepare a PDF file of your presentation with 5-6 slides (which can be explained in 5 minutes.
  • File size must be <10MB (saved as Your name.pdf. Example: "Taro SASSOH.pdf") so that it can be sent by e-mail to the office.
  • Deadline of data submission is September 4. 2020.
  • No animation, movie, or sound can be added.
  • Presentation date and time will be announced by e-mail and available on the website.
  • NO flash talk this year.


On the presentation day:

  • We will have five small Webex booth for presentation and discussion.
  • All poster-like presenters will be assigned to one of groups on either of days.
  • Each group will have Six presenters and chairperson(s).
  • Chairperson(s) will coordinate presentation schedule for each group.
  • During pre-discussion time, all poster-like presenters should test the connection to Webex to share your presentation file.


Time Schedule:

12:00-12:30: Pre-discussion

12:30-13:30: Presentation time

13:30-14:00: Post presentation (free time)



Veterinary Science

Infectious Diseases

Booth 1

Booth 2

Booth 3

Booth 4

Booth 5

Day 1






Day 2





































  • All participants can choose any Webex room they want to join.
  • ONLY comments will be allowed for questions (Please be muted on your PC) unless you are assigned by chairperson.