SaSSOH 2020 Students Session "Online Quiz Tournament"





















(This is an previous information for the 7th SaSSOH as a reference)

Concept of the SaSSOH 2019 Students` Session

SaSSOH 2019 is just around the corner; and the students session promises to bring nothing else, but excitement and Enthusiasm!  The SaSSOH students` session is designed to offer students the absolute opportunity to enhance their personal and professional experience through active interaction and team-work. This year, the activities incorporated into the students` session has been oriented such that students may be able to;  

  •  develop the networking culture of academia which are needful for their future professions.
  •  brainstorm on matters of global concern
  •  familiarize and customize with professors of high reputation
  •  have fun, build friendships, and share ideas.





The SaSSOH 2019 students` session targets at engaging about 80 students, 10 astute professors and 6 assistant professors in indoor activities for 2 hours.


  • The student participants will be grouped into five (5)
  • Each of the 5 groups will be assigned to a seasoned professor and an assistant professor (hereafter, known as facilitators)
  • A case scenario; describing a critical issue of global interest, will be presented to the groups
  • Under guidance and support of the facilitators, each group will be required to brainstorm or discuss the scenario within 40 minutes; and then come up with some policies relevant for solving the problem in the scenario. Simultaneously, each group will have to summarize its ideas in ppt. format for presentation.
  • Thereafter, all the groups will be required to assemble and present their ideas within 25 minutes; thus 5 mins per group.
  • After each presentation, the groups will be required to answer “on the spot questions” within 2 min. 
  • Each groups performance shall be evaluated and scored; and prizes will be awarded to best performing groups.


Further details

Information regarding groupings, assignments, venue, time etc. will be communicated to all participants in due course.