Abstract Submission

Thank you for your submission !

Abstract submission for SaSSOH 2024 has been closed.


If you have any questions, please contact the SaSSOH organizing committee.

E-mail: sassoh[@]vetmed.hokudai.ac.jp.



Abstract template

word template 2024


Instruction for Authors

The authors are responsible for ensuring the readability of their submissions. Please double-check your submission, to make sure that your information was properly uploaded. Acknowledgement of receipt of abstract will be sent to the presenting author’s email upon completion of submission. The organizing committee reserves the right to accept or decline all submissions and to select the presentation format.


Your abstract must be arranged as follows:

  1. The abstract must be prepared in English.
  2. Titles are limited to 200 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Do not use abbreviations and all capitals in the title. The title should be concise.
  3. The abstract text is limited to a maximum of 400 words. Images (figures, tables, etc.) cannot be embedded. References should not be included.


* Please be reminded that we have limited slots for the oral presentation.

SaSSOH2024 organizing committee members will review all the submitted abstracts.

A limited number of presenters will have the opportunity to present their work in an oral presentation.

We will ask all the other presenters to present their work in poster sessions.

Please read the following instructions before submitting your abstract. We recommend that you write your abstract in another text file before submission, and copy and paste the text, instead of writing your abstract directly on the submission page.

Author name(s)

Please enter the first and family name(s) of author(s) separately, and capitalize only the first letter of each name.

Author affiliation(s)

Please enter the affiliation(s), including the name of the country.

e.g.) Laboratory of XXXX, Department of XXXX, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University, Japan.

After you registered all affiliations, please select affiliation(s) in the box next to the author column. You can select one or more.


Please select an appropriate category for your abstract from the list. If there is no appropriate category, please select “others”.


Please select your desired presentation style, Oral or Poster.

The final decision on the style of presentation will be made by the organizing committee. Please note that your presentation may be assigned in poster (oral) style even if you choose to present in oral (poster) style.


Please enter the title of your abstract. Do not use abbreviations.The length of the title must be no more than 200 characters, including spaces and punctuation. The title should indicate the content of the abstract.

Special characters (superscript, subscript, italic, bold, and underline) can be used in the title by inserting the following html tags. 


Please enter your abstract. 

    1. The length of the abstract body must be no more than 400 words
    2. Please place the first character of a paragraph on the left end without a space.
    3. Do not insert any tables and figures. Tables and figures cannot be uploaded.
    4. Special characters (superscript, subscript, italic, bold, and underline) can be used in the main text of the abstract by inserting the following html tags

Please verify your input. You can modify your abstract within the abstract call period. Please save your password, because you will need your password to make modifications.